Gracehaven Ministries International

December 2017 Dear Family, Friends, Prayer Warriors, and Partners in Ministry, I used to laugh when people would say that time moves faster the older you »

The Havoc of My Wounded Heart

This is a poem/song I never finished the music to. I wrote it a few years back when I was dealing with the effects of »

Wanting all the Answers and Not Getting Them

Wanting All the Answers and Not Getting Them and Not Getting the Answers I Want “There’s a reason for everything.” God is in control!” “God »

A Roof Over Our Heads

Matt and Roberta Creamer ???? ???? ?? Middle Tennessee, TN ????? December 2016 Dear Family and Friends, Partners in Ministry, Merry Christmas!!! Where has this year gone?!? We hope that »

One of My Mentors in Grace-Steve Brown

Today, it was a privilege and honor to be interviewed by Steve Brown for the Steve Brown Etc. Show. Actually it happened March 30, aired over »