One of My Mentors in Grace-Steve Brown

Today, it was a privilege and honor to be interviewed by Steve Brown for the Steve Brown Etc. Show.

Actually it happened March 30, aired over the weekend and was put on the website this morning.

Steve has been a friend for many years now. He has an amazing ministry of radical grace through the KeyLife network.

He is so dedicated to Sola gratia that he gets accused of being a radical, an antinomian, and a nut-which he is! But a gracefilled nut!

He is the one who taught me that "God is not angry with me any more."

And he's made me "think about that" hundreds of times!

Steve has shown me God's laughter.

I love the man.

Please check out his many books on Amazon and take in a few of his crazy thoughts from his daily keylife broadcasts.

And when you do immagine God saying, "You think about that!"

And you will hear "the soft sound of sandled feet."

Thanks Steve!!