Matt's Music موسيقة متى

Here are some of Matt's Arabic and English albums from throughout the years. Feel free to enjoy and donate to Matt's ministry and music on paypal if you desire!

Arabic Greatest Hits اجمل المختارات العربية
Be an Overcomer (1984 Album) كن غالبا!! 1984
Are You Real

Arabic Greatest Hits اجمل المختارات العربية

  1. Kun Ghaliban - Be an Overcomer
  2. Taal Eiyuha Alrabu Yasuaa - Come Lord Jesus
  3. Aina Showketuka Ya Mowt - Where is Your Sting
  4. Eiyuha Alrabu Sayiduna - Oh Lord, Our Lord How Majestic is Your Name
  5. Kyrie Eleison - Lord Have Mercy
  6. Yasuaa Hoo Almoorad - Jesus is the Reason
  7. Anna Aazim An Aaeish - I am determined
  8. Oossana - Hosana
  9. Ikleeluhoo Mathforoon - O Sacred Head
  10. Kunoo Aamileena - Be doers of the Word
  11. Yasuaa Hoo Altariq - Jesus is the Way
  12. Fil Badee Kana Alkalima - In the Beginning was the Word
  13. Tarnimat Al Rooyah - Song of the Revelation

Be an Overcomer (1984 Album) كن غالبا!! 1984

  1. Come You Weary - تعالوا تعالوا يا تعابا
  2. His Kingdom Is Everlasting - ملكوته ابدي
  3. Be An Overcomer! - كن غالبا!!
  4. I am the Lord's - انا انا للرب الات نحاسية
  5. Be Doers of the Word - كونوا عاملين بالكلمة
  6. Compilation of Arabic Melodies Brass Instrumental - الحان عربية مع الات نحاسية
  7. Come Let Us Go to the Mountain of the Lord - هلم نصعد لجبل الرب
  8. I am Determined - انا عازم ان اعيش
  9. O The Deep Love of Jesus - هوذا قد صار ليلا
  10. In The Beginning Was The Word - في البدء كان الكلمة

We Have Come to Praise You, Lord

  1. Sing a New Song
  2. We Have Come to Praise You, Lord
  3. Psalm 33
  4. Let us Exalt the Name of Jesus
  5. The Lord Reigns
  6. Keep Our Eyes Focused on You
  7. Father We Have Come to Worship
  8. We Worship You
  9. Hear, O Israel
  10. He is Good

Are You Real

  1. One Thing
  2. Hearin' & Believin' It
  3. Fullness of God
  4. Are You Real
  5. Do I Really Love You Lord
  6. You Can't Go Too Far
  7. Psalm 69 - Rescue Me
  8. I Want to Tell Them
  9. All Things Work Together For Good
  10. I Want to Know Christ
  11. I Can Hear the Spirit Calling
  12. I Will Trust in the Goodness of the Lord
  13. One Thing - Reprise


  1. All Your Goodness to Me
  2. Preserve Me O God
  3. Make Me Holy
  4. Lord I Want To Be
  5. No Eye Has Seen
  6. Song For My Father
  7. Be at Rest Once More O My Soul
  8. A Godly Man
  9. Jesus Is the Way
  10. To the Praise of His Glory
  11. Delight Yourself in the Lord